/Audeze LCD-XC (pre-2016)

Audeze LCD-XC (pre-2016)

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Add Kimber Axios Cable?

Your choice of stylish, ergonomic Kimber Axios Headphone Cables will add depth and detail to your listening experience. They are hand-built to order, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. All headphones still include stock cables.

Choose Kimber Axios Connector

Please specify the connector you would like on the end of your Kimber Axios cable. We recommend 4-pin XLR or dual 3-pin XLR for balanced use with the HeadAmp GS-X MkII.

These LCD-XC’s are from the original production run, before sonic changes made in 2016. They all come with the Audeze travel case.

Our Take


The LCD-XC is the definitive basshead’s closed headphone. It packs a powerful punch down low, complemented by Audeze’s trademark intimate midrange and smooth treble.  The wooden earcups are gorgeous, if weighty, and the sound isolation is very good.

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