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pico SLIM Portable Amp

  • Extremely thin size, machined from solid aluminum.
  • 255-step digital volume control with incredible attenuation.
  • ~60 hour battery life.
  • Recommended for IEMs and low impedance headphones.

pico USB DAC/Amp

  • HeadAmp's classic USB DAC/Amp.
  • Offers both the Portable Amp. and Upsampling USB DAC in one tiny box.
  • Our most popular model.

pico Upsampling USB DAC

  • USB DAC with all top-level components.
  • Upsamples audio to 24/96.
  • Great for a small laptop setup, or use the RCA Outputs with a big stereo rig.

pico Portable Amp

  • The original Pico amplifier.
  • Dual-cell Li-Po battery for more output power.
  • ~30 hour battery life.
  • Recommended for a wide range of headphones.


pico POWER Portable Amp

  • Coming in the future.
  • Powerful like a desktop amp, small like a Pico.
  • Recommended for hard to drive headphones.