The SINE Series headphone is the next step up for many conventional headphone users. The world’s first on-ear planar magnetic is a blend of striking modern industrial design, top-quality build, and leading-edge planar magnetic technology. The SINE is lightweight, folds flat for easy travel, and available with our optional CIPHER Lightning cable with integrated DAC/AMP with DSP. Its accurate sound makes the SINE popular with creators worldwide at home, in recording studios, home studios, editing bays, and working on the road.

This Audeze SINE comes with the standard 3.5mm TRS cable.

Our Take

The Audeze Sine offers full-size planar magnetic sound quality in a pint-sized package that’s low-profile and easy to fit into any bag, and light to wear around the neck. The closed-back design offers good external noise isolation, and the sound quality is classic Audeze, with the powerful bass that their brand is known for the world over.