• All-new Hybrid Headband: Lighter and more adjustable for maximum comfort, even after hours of listening.
  • New 3.5mm Connectors: Angled at 10 degrees to reduce pressure and ensure a long-lasting link between the headphone and the cable.
  • Proprietary Focus Pad: Featuring memory foam surrounded by pleather and soft velour outer layers that gently envelope the ear.
  • The Cable: It is user-replaceable and has channel orientation for left and right. The cable will then drape across the user’s chest for greater comfort.
  • Outstand Sound Quality:The planar magnetic technology offers largely superior sounding experience in terms of quality and soundstage

Our Take

The much-loved HE5 is back, now with a a more comfortable, suspension-style headband, that will keep you listening all night long.  The HE5 is a well-balanced headphone that comes to life when fed clean power from our Gilmore Lite Mk2 or GS-X Mini. Build a great system around this headphone, and it will reward you.