ETHER Flow is MrSpeakers new  flagship open-backed headphone.  ETHER Flow uses TrueFlow technology to improve the performance of the critically acclaimed ETHER headphone, delivering sumptuous planar magnetic bass and dynamics, with near-electrostatic resolution. ETHER Flow includes our new VIVO cable, with a termination of your choice and a backpack-friendly hard-shell carrying case.

Designed, built and tested in San Diego, CA, ETHER Flow offers a 2 year warranty for parts and labor.

MrSpeakers products can only be shipped to USA addresses.

Our Take

The Ether Flow 1.1 improves on what was already an excellent headphone in the Ether Flow, offering a smooth, high-resolution sound with excellent linearity across the frequency spectrum. It’s an easy headphone to listen to, as no particular frequencies stick out of order, and true to its’ name, the sound just flows.  Of course, the Ether Flow 1.1 maintains the superb ergonomics, build quality, and fit of its’ predecessor, making the headphone effortless to wear for hours on end. The Ether Flow 1.1 represents a great value at its’ price, and is one of our favorite open headphones.