Manhattan DAC II features include:
– World’s highest performance 130dB Sabre 9038 DAC chipset.
– 32 bit integer Class 2 USB2 driverless audio interface

– World class transparent analog preamp attenuators

– Roon Ready optional network card

– MQA ® hardware decoder

– Improved optional phono preamplifier card

– New, easy to navigate menu system

Our Take

The Manhattan II is an authoritative high-end source, with a ton of I/O options and format support.  With native MQA decoding and Roon capability, this DAC easily integrates into the modern audio world, and delivers incredible sound thanks to careful design and a monster of a regulated power supply.  It’s a high-resolution machine that will show you new facets to your favorite recordings when connected to our reference headphone systems featuring the GS-X mkII and Blue Hawaii SE.