STAX 80th anniversary 3rd model
The SR009 is a memorable model that appeared in 2011 and became the foundation of the present STAX flagship Earspeaker development. At that time this extraordinary Earspeaker attained a big success as the model that materialized the idea that has been embraced by STAX developers in pursuit of further improvement of sound quality. The memorable model that has achieved the highest peak sound of the STAX present new flagship SR-009S will soon be followed by the SR-009BK as the 80th anniversary limited model in special black color version. The SR-009BK in black finish is the limited production of 180 units in the whole world.

● Notation of 80th anniversary
Anniversary model notation is printed at cable attachment part.
● Limited serial number is adopted
Serial number label certificating 180-set limited production
-Same as SR-009-
● “Super-engineering-plastics” diaphragm
● Multi-layer fixed electrode (MLER)
● Tough machined aluminum chassis
● Silver-coated copper cable + high purity 6N copper wire
● Genuine leather ear pad
● Ark assembly with 10-step click adjustment mechanism

About Stax Headphones

Stax produce exclusively electrostatic headphones, or “earspeakers” as they call them, in Japan, since 1938.  Stax chose the electrostatic technology for its ability to produce transparent sound, and low weight for comfort/ergonomics, both due to the driver design not employing fixed magnets and moving coils, as opposed to other common headphone driver designs. The minimal weight of the driver ensures a very quick response to the signal, creating a more faithful sound reproduction.

The electrostatic driver creates sound when it is powered by static charge (bias voltage), which reacts to a high voltage signal field created around the driver element by the stators. For this reason, all electrostatic headphones require special amplification to supply the high voltage (DC) bias, and high voltage (AC) audio signal. In the case of modern Stax headphones, that DC bias is 580V. Stax manufactures a number of dedicated amplifiers for their headphones, ranging from a relatively small portable model, SRM-D10, to their flagship SRM-T8000.

Our Take

This Special Edition Black version of the Stax SR-009 has the same amazing sound as the original model, detailed below, but very few will ever be made. Get it now while you can!

Since its’ launch the SR-009 has stood at the forefront of headphone audio, with a detail reproduction and open sound that is rarely, if ever matched. The blindingly quick electrostatic diaphragms offer a musical reproduction many find transcendent, especially with well-recorded unamplified music. When powered by the HeadAmp Blue Hawaii SE, the SR-009 delivers its’ optimal performance, including deep bass that other electrostatic headphones can’t reproduce. In our opinion, it is one of the very finest listening experiences possible, and the SR-009/Blue Hawaii system must be heard to be believed.