SR-L300 Limited Earspeaker is the high cost-performance limited model developed in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of STAX foundation (800 units limited sale). It features “MLER” ellipse sound element equivalent to Lambda series top models.

The “MLER” (Multi-Layer Elect Rode) is STAX exclusive electrode structure that has been completed through unification of metal plates using heat diffusion combination to attain minimum resonance characteristics.

●Slide-type arc assembly enabling step-less adjustment.:
Height adjustment inherits the mechanism of step-less slide assembly. It fits precisely and the very stress-free wearing comfort has been realized.

●Newly designed wide low-capacity OFC cable.:
Globally standard high-purity OFC has been adopted for cable strand. Transparent tone quality is secured in high purity with flat & wide-range characteristic.

●Ear pad:
Human-friendly universal design and elastic high-class artificial leather greatly contribute to “freshness of sound” and “the grace of sound”.

●The gold nameplate is equipped as the proof of the 80th anniversary Limited model of STAX.

About Stax Headphones

Stax produce exclusively electrostatic headphones, or “earspeakers” as they call them, in Japan, since 1938.  Stax chose the electrostatic technology for its ability to produce transparent sound, and low weight for comfort/ergonomics, both due to the driver design not employing fixed magnets and moving coils, as opposed to other common headphone driver designs. The minimal weight of the driver ensures a very quick response to the signal, creating a more faithful sound reproduction.

The electrostatic driver creates sound when it is powered by static charge (bias voltage), which reacts to a high voltage signal field created around the driver element by the stators. For this reason, all electrostatic headphones require special amplification to supply the high voltage (DC) bias, and high voltage (AC) audio signal. In the case of modern Stax headphones, that DC bias is 580V. Stax manufactures a number of dedicated amplifiers for their headphones, ranging from a relatively small portable model, SRM-D10, to their flagship SRM-T8000.

Our Take

The L300 Limited combines the driver of the L700 with the chassis of the L300 for a headphone that offers a huge value at its’ price point. Without question, the most transparent sounding headphone on the market for under $1000, get this bargain while it lasts!