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STAX SRM-D50 Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier / DAC


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In stock

SRM-D50 drives STAX ‘s electrostatic earspeaker in an ideal form.
With the installation of a high-performance DAC, it supports various audio sources such as audio player and PC.

Supports various audio sources such as USB / optical / coaxial digital input, RCA analog input etc.
ESS DAC chip supports files with audio signal maximum DSD 5.6 MHz, PCM 384 KHz.
Adopt R core power transformer with less leakage flux.
Displays the strength of input signal with VU meter.
Adopted 4 mm thick nonmagnetic aluminum cover.

Our Take

The SRM-D50 offers a complete electrostatic experience to plug-and-play on any desktop or audio rack. All you need is a USB or Coax digital audio connection, and you are good to go, for the first time ever from Stax!


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Frequency ResponseDC-40KHz
Input Impedance (RCA)20kOhm
Maximum Output Voltage400Vrms
Power Supply Voltage14VDC
Power Consumption35W
Dimensions268mm x 192mm x 67mm

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