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STAX SRM-T8000 Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier


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SRM-T8000 is Stax’s latest flagship electrostatic headphone amplifier utilizing hybrid technology. It employs two 6922 in the input stage, driving a Class-A solid-state output stage. The vacuum tubes isolated in a separate section made of vibration-proof damper and shield cover to eliminate vibration and noise. The high-capacity large toroidal transformers and selected high-quality parts allow the highest refinement in sound.

Our Take

The SRM-T8000 sets a new standard for STAX branded amplifiers, as the company’s finest effort in the space in over 20 years. It boasts a more open, dynamic sound than their SRM-727 or SRM-007t, when paired with their power-hungry SR-009 and SR-007 headphones. The look and feel is classic STAX, and exactly in line with what familiar users would expect.  For those looking to keep with STAX-branded amplifiers only, there is no better choice.

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