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Campfire Audio

Campfire Supermoon Universal

Solid-body custom-fit IEM featuring a new custom planar magnetic driver.

Float weightlessly in pure sonic tranquility with Campfire Audio’s Supermoon. Supermoon’s extension surrounds you completely, enveloping you in a smooth and satisfying presentation. The velvety low-end, textured mids and radiant highs offer a uniquely meditative and tranquil experience that can be enjoyed effortlessly for hours. Furthermore, superior comfort results in an everyday musical escape that is always within reach. Pair Supermoon with an amazing portable like the iFi Audio xDSD Gryphon for the best sound quality no matter where you go!

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“Float weightlessly in pure sonic tranquility with Supermoon. Supermoon extends to surround you completely, enveloping you in a smooth and satisfying presentation.”

Flying coast-to-coast or performing on-stage — this is a great fit!

Hours of listening pleasure without fit fatigue. We offer two custom-fit style options: Audiophile Fit and Artist Fit.

  • Audiophile Fit: offers a shallow seal depth. We’ve trimmed and optimized the fit, removing the unnecessary length of traditional in-ear monitors, which are often designed for the stage. This fit design is exceptionally comfortable and easy to enjoy wearing. This is an excellent fit style for everyday use, from a daily work commute to a studio.
  • Artist Fit: offers a more traditional seal depth to ensure the necessary sonic isolation and added security for demanding on-stage performances. This fit style is excellent for the professional musician, extending into the ear canal for an optimal seal.
Simple. Solid. Sonically superb.

Unique to this custom in-ear monitor is a patent-pending “Solid Body” earphone design. Each in-ear monitor begins with your ear impression. Your impressions are first digitally scanned into the system. Through their signature process, we manipulate the interior acoustic chamber of the Supermoon design, arranging it in an optimal position inside the shape of your ear impression. This also allows us to optimize the earphone performance for your ear. This effort results in a better-sounding, better-fitting in-ear monitor for you. When crafting the solid body of the earphone, the design is 3D printed as a single component before being meticulously hand-finished. Putting the work into the earphone design before printing means that the only moving part in Supermoon is the diaphragm. This also means the earphones you receive will be a robust and reliable partner. Designed specifically with the most demanding performance conditions in mind, the superior build and refined finish of Supermoon will deliver you years of uninterrupted enjoyment.

Meditating on excellence

The velvety low-end, textured mids and radiant highs offer a uniquely meditative and tranquil experience that can be enjoyed effortlessly for hours. Campfire Audio’s all-new custom planar magnetic driver exudes musicality. Serpentine traces wind below the two-micron thin diaphragm, erupting with spontaneous musical dynamics. Lower, nonlinear distortion is also possible because of the flat monolith diaphragm. As a result, detail from this driver is as clear as it is balanced.

Exquisite fit and finish

Supermoon features a meticulously crafted and hand-polished finish. The wonderfully smooth earphone body conforms comfortably to your unique ear shape, engineered just for you. Durability takes center stage with these custom-fit IEMs, and Supermoon is no exception. A brilliant stainless steel faceplate sets off the design, securely protecting the earphone’s driver. This ensures a reliable and lasting connection to the earphone.

What's Included

• Supermoon custom IEM

• Campfire Audio black leather earphone case

• Campfire Audio Smoky Litz Cable – silver plated copper conductors with Beryllium Copper MMCX and 3.5mm stereo plug

• Packaging by USA Made “French Paper Company” paper, printed locally in Portland, Oregon USA

• Campfire Audio Supermoon Manual

The Specs

Driver: 14mm full-range planar magnetic driver w/ 2 micron thick diaphragm

Frequency Range: 5Hz–20 kHz frequency response

Impedance: 15.5 Ohms @ 1kHz impedance

SPL: 94dB @ 54.0 mVrms SPL

• Custom Beryllium / Copper MMCX connections

• Hand polished 3D printed Solid-Body with a stainless steel cap


About Campfire Audio

Campfire Audio has focused on building high end in-ear monitors and headphones since 2015. Campfire was created in Oregon by Ken Ball, the audio expert behind ALO Audio. Campfire builds their products to feature in-house developed technologies like Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber (T.A.E.C.), Beryllium Copper MMCX connections, and CeraKote™. Campfire products are designed for durability, fidelity, and fun!