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Kimber Kable Axios Silver Headphone Cable

The AXIOS headphone cable shows all the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and precision that one would expect from the world’s best headphone cables. The cable is supple yet substantial, and does not kink or bind, flowing effortlessly from your headphones.

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The Kimber Axios silver headphone cable is the ultimate reference cable, with massive bandwidth for dynamics, and gobs of detail from any headphone you use, with an amazing smooth top end response. This is the cable you want, to truly max out your headphone rig.

The first products that Kimber Kable designed were the braided 8 wire (4PR) and 16 wire (8PR) speaker cables. The AXIOS headphone cable follows this classic Kimber Kable braided design, revisited for high resolution headphones. The cable utilizes a very flexible OFHC copper wire braid comprised of 16 FEP insulated 24 gauge stranded conductors. We developed a new precision hand-braided process which allows the conductors to seamlessly separate from 16 wires to 8 wires within the transition, eliminating the need for a solder joint. Each connector is finished with hand-polished hardwoods to match the beauty of your headphones.

As an authorized Kimber Kable dealer, all cables come with a full manufacturer’s warranty and satisfaction guarantee. Your Kimber AXIOS cable will be hand-built to your exact specifications and shipped directly from the factory.

About Kimber Kable

Ray Kimber was one of the first to truly master the high-end cable. Kimber's AXIOS headphone cables are the most gorgeous, flexible, and detailed sounding that money can buy.