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Mytek Liberty Phono Pre / Headphone Amplifier

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Liberty Phono Pre-Amplifier has been designed though explorations of the most accurate microphone studio preamp circuits. It's original circuit was created as the “vinyl option” for the Manhattan DAC and is now available as a standalone product!

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Our Take

Low distortion nickel core audio transformers for M/C provide 20dB noise reduction and adds the desirable hint of transformer sound, a dynamic, transparent, detailed and honest presentation. The ideal balance between precision and musicality together with a built in reference headphone amplifier makes Liberty Phono an indispensable tool for vinyl fans and professionals.


• Reference Level High Current 1/4" Headphone Out

• 1x stereo pair RCA and XLR simultaneous Pre-Amp Outs

• Premium 27mm Analog ALPS attenuator volume control

• 3x RCA Inputs for 3 separate arms/turntables

• EQ Curves - RIAA, RIAA with Subsonic filter, Columbia, Decca. No EQ allows for digital EQ after digitizing the recording.

• WxDxH=5.5"x8.8"x1.74” WEIGHT: 4lbs, 2kg

• 2 Year Warranty

Technical Specs

Headphone Output
up to 300mA and 3W / .01 Ohm Output Impedance

M/C Impedance
50,150,300,1000 Ohm

M/M (Moving Magnet) Input
Electronic 45db (At Norm)

M/C Impedance Load
50,150,300,400pF at 50kOhm

M/C Moving Coil Input
Electronic 65db (At Norm) or Step Up Transformer 65db (At Norm)


About Mytek

Mytek began building consumer-oriented DACs in 2011, and now boasts a full line of home hi-fi products named for New York boroughs and landmarks, like the flagship Empire Streamer DAC, and new all-in-one Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core. Mytek designs their DACs to a strictly neutral reference, such that the signal on the recording is passed through as accurately as possible to the downstream equipment.