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Spirit Torino

Spirit Torino Grande

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Grande is the mid-level of the Spirit Torino lineup of open-back headphones, featuring a large driving housing similar to that of the flagship Twin Pulse model, but using a single dynamic driver per side.  The Grande emphasizes a full low-end presentation, with greater body and slam than the smaller Superleggera. Pair this headphone with an outstanding amplifier like our GS-X Mini to hear it at its best!

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Its incisive timbre makes every track fun and offers a sound perspective with a strong character.

Hi-Fi Open-Back Headphones

It all started with this headphone with a strong and sincere character, the Grande. It offers a wide soundstage and a remarkable dynamic impact.

Amazing Fun for Music Lovers

The Grande combines the involvement in listening typical of Spirit headphones with a reconstruction of the soundstage characterized by a unique amplitude. The giant Alcantara (R) pads, now updated with the VPS ventilation system, are designed to accompany the listener in prolonged listening without effort. A listen with the Grande never leaves one indifferent; its natural inclination to the rhythm involves the listener making them eager to clap their hands and tap their foot in time with the music. The Grande prefers a passionate approach to music, accompanying the user on an overwhelming musical journey.

A Project in Continuous Evolution

At Spirit Torino they think of the customer as a gentleman driver followed in his musical refinement path, offering an upgrade service that guarantees our customers the preservation of their investment. The continuous dialogue between the company and customers has allowed us to introduce significant upgrades, such as the Alcantara (R) pad and the VPS (Ventilation Pad System) that opens to a responsible My-Fi, making an advanced design, for the first time, fully exploitable even by non-professional users.

What's in the Box

• 1x Grande Hi-Fi Open Back Headphone

• 1x detachable cable by Portento Audio

Technical Specs

HEADPHONE TYPE: Open circumaural

TECHNOLOGY: Mono Drive Spirit System



FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 28-28.000 hz calibrated on isophonic curves

PAD: Leather/Alcantara + Ventilation Pad System

WEIGTH (without cable): 460 gr



About Spirit Torino

Spirit Torino's Italian designs are a marriage of retro styling and the modern comfort of Dekoni ear pads. HeadAmp is the exclusive North American online retailer of Spirit and the anticipated Valkyria Titanium open-back headphone.