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Audeze LCD-XC • Carbon

Audeze's LCD-XC shares the same drivers and basic construction as the LCD-X, lending it a similar level of detail and transparency. Its closed-back design adds both isolation and a slight lift in bass response between 120-200Hz, making electric bass even more defined. If you want to hear Marcus Miller playing bass right next to you, the LCD-XC is your headphone.

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Our Take

The LCD-XC Closed-Back Planar Headphone is incredibly dynamic, nimble, neutral and transparent, accurately revealing everything on the recording. It quickly became the ultimate tool for recording engineers, musicians and audiophiles alike for its clean, accurate sound. The closed-back design offers all the benefits of a planar magnetic headphone with increased isolation and greatly reduced ambient noise for a private and powerful listening experience. Your favorite music erupts from a silent background taking on a life of its own. The sense of space is enormous, the midrange and high frequencies offer fantastic detail so you can hear further into the recording with more air and separation between performers.

The LCD-XC headphone is thoroughly engineered and meticulously hand-built using the finest, most luxurious materials combined with cutting-edge planar magnetic technology. We closely match the transducers within +/- 1dB (just like the other LCD series models), then match the gorgeous carbon fiber earcups. The new LCD steel & leather suspension headband provides comfort for hours of listening pleasure. Choose between genuine leather or leather-free earpads that are filled with carefully selected acoustical foam for best fit and sound. You can pair the LCD-XC with portable devices, but it sounds best driven by a quality amplifier.

LCD-XC Creator Pack

  • LCD-XC closed-back planar magnetic headphone
  • 6ft Single-ended 1/4'' headphone cable
  • Economy travel case
  • User guide and warranty card

LCD-XC Premium

  • LCD-XC closed-back planar magnetic headphone
  • 6ft Single-ended 1/4'' headphone cable
  • 6ft Balanced 4-pin XLR headphone cable
  • 1/4" to 1/8" stereo adapter
  • Professional travel case
  • User guide and warranty card


  • Headphone Type: Closed-Back/Over-Ear
  • Driver Type: Planar Magnetic
  • Driver Size: 106mm
  • Magnetic Type & Structure: Proprietary Neodymium N50 magnet array with Fazor
  • Diaphragm Type: Ultra-thin
  • Impedance: 20 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 50 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW
  • Distortion (THD): <0.1% @ 100dB
  • Ear Cup Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 677g

About Audeze

The planar-magnetic driver design used by Audeze moves a large ultra-thin driver between magnet arrays, capable of great air movement. This helps create the signature powerful bass that Audeze headphones have become known for, in addition to a natural, extended treble.