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Desktop Headphone Amplifiers

Desktop headphone amps are perhaps the most popular type of headphone amplifier. These amplifiers are usually powered by your 120V or 240V mains (some are voltage selectable / universal) and can push your headphones much harder than a portable setup.

Some desktop or home headphone amps also include a built-in DAC, usually with a USB input, making them convenient for use at your desk, such as the Focal Arche with its built-in headphone stand. This category focuses on amplifiers that are primarily for headphone use, and does have a lot of overlap with our DAC/Amps page.

Other models, like our high-value Gilmore Lite mk2 and new GS-X mini, focus only on the best possible Pure Class A amplification, and we can help you find the perfect stand-alone DAC to match it.