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HeadAmp Blue Hawaii Special Edition Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier

Pre-order your Blue Hawaii SE today for delivery in 2-3 weeks. Build times and availability may vary depending on color. 

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Our Take

No other amplifier on the market can provide electrostatic headphones with the accuracy, drive, and control of the Blue Hawaii SE. When paired with the Dan Clark Audio Corina, Stax SR-X9000 or Audeze CRBN, the headphones come alive with detail, transparency, and bass control unheard on with lesser amplifiers. With more power on tap than any other commercial electrostatic headphone amplifier, the Blue Hawaii SE can find a home in any audio system, and its clean, modern lines will always draw admiration.

The Blue Hawaii SE is the flagship HeadAmp product, and based on over a decade's experience building electrostatic headphone amplifiers, it is designed not only to power the toughest headphone loads on the market, but to do so for a lifetime. No expense was spared in the design and build of the Blue Hawaii SE, and every amplifier is tested extensively throughout the build process, as well as before, and after an extensive burn-in process to ensure the best possible performance.

The Blue Hawaii SE is available with two volume control options. The first is a 24-level step attenuator, providing perfect channel matching at each possible volume level. For those who desire infinitely granular volume control, we offer the ALPS RK50 potentiometer, the highest-grade part of its' kind, which gives you the freedom to set the volume just-so, without compromising sound quality.

There are also two options for feet on the Blue Hawaii SE. The precisely machined and finished aluminum spike feet match the accent color of the front panels ad tube rings, and are compatible with various audiophile isolation platforms. We also include a set of rubber feet that offer different isolation characteristics, and a non-mar option for delicate surfaces.


• 2x Stax Pro-Bias (580V) Electrostatic Headphone Outputs

• Input Selector Switch

• 2 pair Single Ended RCA Input

• 1 pair Balanced 3-pin XLR Input

• 1x stereo pair RCA Outputs

• 1x stereo pair XLR Outputs

• Choice of Volume Control: DACT 24-Step or Alps RK50 Stepless

3 Year Warranty on all Parts and Labor

Technical Specs

Output Voltage
1600V peak-to-peak

0.003% @ 1KHz/100VRMS C

Frequency Response
5Hz-20KHz +/- 0.3dB

Operating Voltage
100v, 110-120, or 220-240 Configurations Available

Power Consumption

Input Impedance
50 kOhm

Amp:(W)15.5" x (L)13.5" x  (H)8.5"/14lbs
Power Supply:(W)7.7" x (L)12.5" x  (H)4.5"/17lbs




The Blue Hawaii SE [left]

About HeadAmp

HeadAmp builds some of the world's best headphone amplifiers like our famous Blue Hawaii SE or our new compact GS-X mini. All of our solid state amps start with new-old-stock Japanese sand which are irreplaceable for discrete solid state designs.