An incredible new handcrafted planar magnetic headphone, from Alex Rosson of Audeze fame. Each one is unique, styled with custom wood and colorful resin, get them before they disappear!

HeadAmp welcomes Campfire Audio to our stable of brands, enjoy their precise engineering and punchy sound!

Own the legend, widely known as the world’s best electrostatic headphone amplifier. Pair it with MrSpeakers Voce or Stax SR-009S for an endgame headphone system. Four new colors for 2019, and a newly upgraded power umbilical cable are available now!

Meze Empyrean Flagship Headphones

Antonio Meze’s first flagship headphone is a masterpiece of design, ergonomics, and subtle sonic delights!

Packing 4W of pure Class A power into a svelte desktop chassis, our latest amplifier will blow you away.

Meze Rai Penta Flagship In-Ear Monitors

The smooth, warm Meze sound now available in this immacuately-crafted set of in-ears!

HeadAmp Gilmore Lite mk2 Headphone Amplifier

Gilmore Lite mk2

Class A bliss at $499

With 1.5W of pure Class A power, our most affordable home amplifier is ready to take your headphone game to the next level!

AstellKern KANN Cube Digital Audio Player

Own the most powerful DAP on the market! With up to 12V output for driving the toughest headphone loads, and XLR output for connecting to home systems, the KANN Cube is a portable audio powerhouse.

Focal Stellia Headphones

Focal builds a reference-level closed-back headphone featuring the Beryllium driver tech from their flagship Utopia!

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Welcome to HeadAmp! We have proudly been building the world’s finest headphone amplifiers in the USA since 2002. Dedication to quality and craftsmanship is our highest priority.  We offer a select collection of high-end headphones, sources, and accessories from the best names in the business.