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AudioValve Luminare

The AudioValve Luminare is a superb tube headphone amplifier capable of driving Electrostatic, Planar Magnetic and Dynamic headphones to their full potential by way of AudioValve's state of the art RKV Tube Amp Design!

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Our Take

The Story

AudioValve puts most of their budget towards the sound quality of their design and components rather than all of the audio jewelry and marketable designs featured by some of the comparable sounding amplifiers on the market. On sound alone it outclasses its price point, as for performance, design, fit and finish it far exceeds our expectations and represents a truly exceptional product at double or triple it’s price category. The newest revision of the Luminare has been adapted to offer 3 gain stages, +10 for STAX, 0 dB in the neutral position for the OTL Output into headphones above 50 Ohms and -10 dB for the OTL Output into headphones below 50 Ohms.

The sound quality of the Luminare is of absolute top reference level for a headphone tube amplifier, delivering great tonality with a perfect open sound-stage, world class 3D image, a noise floor on par with all but the very best valve based amplifiers, and macro and micro dynamics in spades. Their RKV Tube design offers a very low noise floor, low distortions, high frequency range, high damping, very natural musical tonality and wide impedance matching.


• 2 x 8W Max Output

• 3 Switchable PRE-Gain Options: -10dB (Low)/0dB(OTL)/+10dB(STAX)

• Tube: 4x - ECL85/6F5P

• 2x Neutrik Combo Jacks - 6.3mm/4pin XLR

• Stax Headphone Jack

• 1 pair of XLR Inputs Jacks with parallel RCA

• 1x stereo pair RCA-REC Outputs 20:1

• ALPS Potentiometer

• Standalone Preamp Function

• Headphone Protection Circuit

Technical Specs

15Hz to 150,000kHz

Headphone Output THD
"OTL" .008% at 1W - 220Ohm Load, "-10dB Low" .15% at 1W - 32Ohm Load

OTL "0dB" mode 32dB / "STAX +10dB" ~60 dB / "-10dB" ~16.5dB

Max Output
8 Watts per Channel @ 220 Ohm Load in OTL Mode

Bias Voltage
300 + 580V (Max STAX output 600VAC)

Power Consumption
80VA nominal - 120VA under full load


About AudioValve

Born out of a life long love for tube technology, Audio Valve was founded by CEO Helmut Becker in 1982 born out a desire to leave his mark on the world of audio tube amplifiers.