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AudioValve Solaris

Sitting at the pinnacle of what can be technically and musically developed and produced at the highest level, Solaris offers the best of tubes and semiconductors in symbiosis. A truly state of the art product!

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Our Take

The Story

A Swiss Army Knife within the Audio World

The history of Solaris goes back to 1982, since then Audio Valve has developed their RKV technology to create what they feel is the best headphone amplifier in the world. With it's optional DAC option, Solaris provides a full fledged desktop system with inputs for USB, MM Phono, multiple Single-Ended analog inputs and 2 balanced XLR Inputs. It includes integrated remote controlled volume, speaker outputs of up to 12 watts per channel and headphone outs for Dynamic, Planarmagnetic and Electrostatic Headphones via a Step-Up Transformer. Solaris perfectly reflects what the Audio Valve team defines as a truly State of the Art product!

The newest revision of the Solaris has been adapted to Audio Valves RKV 3 includes balance-control pot offering +/3 dB and Pre-Out for active speakers and power amplifiers.


• Dual Mono Construction

• 4 Switchable PRE-Gain Options: -15dB / -10dB / 0dB / +10dB

• 8 power tubes (4 per channel) - ECL85/6F5P

• 2x Neutrik Combo Jacks - 6.3mm/4pin XLR

• Stax Headphone Jack

• 2 RCA and XLR Inputs

• 1 RCA Phono MM Inputs

• 1x stereo pair RCA-REC Outputs

• 1x stereo pair XLR Outputs (OTL output Ratio 10:1)

• 2 Pair Isolated Gold Plated stereo speaker terminals

• Standalone Preamp Function

• Headphone Protection Circuit

• Digital USB Input with Optional DAC

Technical Specs

15Hz to 100,000kHz

Headphone Output
.002% at 1 Watt-200Ohm Load

OTL mode 34dB / STAX +12dB

Max Output
12 Watts per Channel @ 220 Ohm Load in OTL Mode

Power Consumption
100W Min

Signal to Noise Ratio
100 dB

Bias Voltage
300 + 580V (Max STAX output 480VAC)

Dimensions (including connectors)
(H)5.5" x (W)12.6" x (L)14.2"

~20 lbs



About AudioValve

Born out of a life long love for tube technology, Audio Valve was founded by CEO Helmut Becker in 1982 born out a desire to leave his mark on the world of audio tube amplifiers.