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Auris Audio

Auris Audio HA-2SF Tube Headphone Amplifier

The star has been born again and the successor of the famous Auris Audio HA-2SE amplifier is here! Auris HA-2SF retains all of what allowed it's predecessor to rise to the top and is now adorned with a balanced input and output plus front facing VU meters.

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The HA-2SE was one of the best-selling devices from the Auris product range which launched Auris Audio to the very top of the world when it comes to the headphone amplifiers. HA-2SF carries on that legacy while introducing many improvements!

Our Take

Auris Audio is always seeking for perfection in sound & appearance. We all know that High-End does not allow any compromises. Carried by this experience, Auris Audio refined their existing HA2-SE into the HA-2SF headphone amplifier. What this amplifier provides will satisfy all high-end users with it's implementation of the latest innovative technology and selected premium components. HA-2SF delivers an extraordinary experience for the ears and hands!

Amplifier Layout

On the front panel, you have the 4-pin XLR balanced output, and the 6.3 mm single ended headphone output, along with the two VU-meters, which adds enhanced visual enjoyment. On the top of the unit you have the impedance selectors for the outputs, volume control and as well as the line-in selector switch.

The HA-2SF has 2 x RCA and 1 x XLR Balanced inputs on the back along with the preamp outs. Which allows you to both connect to all your music sources and also have the option to use this great amplifier as a Pre Amp for your home system.

World Class Sound

The HA-2SF has a natural sound, layered from top to bottom. No loss of detail, perfect clarity, precision and airiness regardless of the headphones plugged into it. The mid range has sensational performance with vocals, and flawless clarity and transparency. Treble extension soars and feel limitless. Bass has both slam and texture with excellent extension, detailed and when called for, it delivers a thunderous sound. The HA-2SF is an amplifier that provides real enjoyment of listening to and playing your favorite music.

Bespoke Design

The HA-2SF follows the distinctive design of all Auris amplifiers. Beautiful top and bottom wood plates embellish a leather wrapped high quality aluminum chassis. Built with a high level of detail and execution all with a luxurious finish and feel.

Inputs & Outputs

• 2 Pair Stereo RCA Inputs

• 1 Pair Stereo 3-pin XLR Input

• Stereo Pair RCA Pre Out

• 1/4" Single Ended Stereo Headphone Out

• 4-pin XLR Headphone Out

• Optional Remote available for purchase


• Weight: ~20lbs

• PSU Weight: ~6.67lbs

• Variable Output Impedance options for headphones within 32-600ohm range

• Headphone Output Power: 2w into 32ohms

• Tubes: ECC82 x 1 , ECC 99 x 4

• Input Sensitivity: 1Vrms

• PSU Dimensions: (L)5.9” x (H)1.18” x (W)5.9”

• Dimensions: (L)5.9” x (H)1.18” x (W)5.9”



About Auris Audio

Auris Audio, located in Serbia, was officially founded in 2013 with the philosophy rooted in superior design, natural materials and sound. Composed pf a team of dedicated audio engineers engaged in designing High end Audio Amplifiers, Headphone Amps and Speakers, which provided an authentic listening experience.