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EarMen CH-Amp Desktop Fully Balanced Headphone Amp/Preamp

EarMen's specially designed desktop headphone amplifier, CH-Amp features a fully balanced architecture, power up to 3.8W and an external low noise linear power supply.

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Sharing the same ownership, it was natural for EarMen and Auris Audio to use the same R&D resources already proven and established within the realm of High End Audio Products.

EarMen, a Step Further...

After the successful launch of small portable devices at the market, EarMen has taken it a step further and prepared specially designed line of devices for you, that will give you real and unique pleasure in listening to music. EarMen designed a desktop fully balanced headphone amplifier with excellent features and a linear power supply unit.

Composite Amplifier Topology

A Composite Amplifier Topology is implemented in the CH-Amp. Composite op-amp brings the best of both worlds with excellent DC and AC characteristics. These amplifiers offer several advantages over other types of amplifiers.
Power amplifiers typically use thermal feedback loops, thus causing serious errors while driving heavy loads. These errors occur due to self-heating. The use of the composite can remove such errors and improves the performance of the circuitry. The composite amplifiers also offer better DC output-offset. The excess of the load placed on the output transistors does not affect offset voltage.


We used WIMA capacitors as well as audio electrolytes in combination with MELF low noise resistors and SoundPlus OPA1642 operational amplifiers which proved to be great for getting neutral sound. EarMen CH-Amp has excellent characteristics, very low signal-to-noise ratio, and THD, excellent frequency response and a lot of power where the characteristics of the device are changed very little even at high loads.
EarMen CH-Amp have two important features: preamp outs and a gain switch. CH-Amp has balanced and single-ended preamp outputs, so you can connect to powered monitors for a complete system . The gain switch gives you better control of both output level and impedance, for better matching to your headphones.

Exceptional Workmanship

CH-Amp is born from a full block aluminum chassis, which makes it extremely durable and robust. Compact design makes it fitting to any environment, any system or home. The PCB is embedded in a solid aluminum housing, giving the board greater protection inside the housing and additional insulation from external influences.

Fully Balanced Architecture

EarMen CH-Amp is a fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier which means that the balanced outputs from the source go to the output intact, only amplified. From the Single-end input, the signals are converted to balanced without phase shift (phase imbalance), so that the obtained + and - signals are perfectly in phase. In this way we remove unwanted forests and prevent them from being added inside the device.

Extra Low Linear Power Supply

With the CH-Amp you also get linear low noise power supply that are made without compromise, using the best components and the latest circut design. EarMen Linear power supply is reliable, simplistic and produce minimal noise.
It is made only for the needs of our devices in order to get the best characteristics and efficiency and is specially designed to exceed your expectations. It also has protection against current overload, short circuit and thermal overload according to the highest safety standards.
The big advantage of this power supply is that you can connect it to the EarMen Tradutto DAC and EarMen Staccato Streamer and get a great all-in-one system.

About EarMen

Powerful audio components elegantly designed for simple plug & play use.  EarMen products are designed and engineered by Miki Trosic, renowned thoughout the audio industry as the founder of Auris Audio. Manufactured in Europe to ensure the highest standards in production quality.Introducing EarMen - Portable Audio Freedom For All!