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Ferrum Audio

Ferrum WANDLA GoldenSound Edition DAC/Pre-Amp

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Special Edition GoldenSound version of Ferrum's WANDLA DAC/Pre-Amp.

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WANDLA’s sound signature and its unique features like Dynamic Digital Filtering appeal to many music lovers all over the world. But what if we could tailor WANDLA even more? This was exactly what our talented design team had in mind when they started to think outside the box once again. Reaching out to the head-fi community they came into contact with renowned head-fi and high-end audio expert Cameron Oatley from GoldenSound. After an intensive period of braining, research and development they came up with the idea for WANDLA GoldenSound Edition which actually converts WANDLA to cater specific needs. Wandla GoldenSound Edition has some extra features created in partnership with Cameron Oatley from GoldenSound.


-Ferrum WANDLA GoldenSound Edition DAC/Pre-amp
-Power Cord
-Remote Control
-USB Cable
-AC/DC Power Adapter

Digital Headroom: The Key to Pristine Sound

The Ferrum WANDLA GoldenSound Edition DAC stands out in the world of digital-to-analog converters with its elevated digital headroom. In an era dominated by the Loudness Wars, where modern musical tracks often suffer from minimal headroom, leading to clipping and distortion, the WANDLA GoldenSound Edition shines. Its enhanced headroom ensures that even the most dynamic transients are accurately reconstructed, allowing you to enjoy your music without the added distortion that plagues most DACs. This feature, combined with its DSP functions, allows for a tailored sound experience that meets your personal preferences.

Spatial Enhancement: Expanding Your Soundstage

Experience an expanded soundstage and improved clarity of separation between musical elements with the WANDLA GoldenSound Edition's unique spatial enhancement feature. Powered by the Ferrum SERCE module, this enhancement is available in both Headphone Mode and Speaker Mode, ensuring a tailored experience for each use-case. Unlike other approaches that may color the sound or add unwanted effects, the WANDLA GoldenSound Edition maintains the purity of your music, providing an immersive listening experience without any additional distortion or coloration.

Tube Mode: Warmth Without Compromise

For those who love the warmth and richness of tube amplifiers, the WANDLA GoldenSound Edition offers a Tube Mode that simulates the even-order harmonic distortion characteristic of tube amps. This feature allows you to enjoy a warmer sound without altering the frequency response or introducing the drawbacks typically associated with tube-based devices, such as increased noise. It's the perfect way to add a touch of warmth to your music without compromising on sound quality.

Hardware Voltage Adjustment: Versatility Meets Precision

The WANDLA GoldenSound Edition takes versatility to the next level with its hardware-level output voltage adjustment feature. Whether you need just below 10 Vrms for high-powered setups or just below 4 Vrms for compatibility with all amplifiers, this DAC has you covered. By using a dedicated hardware voltage divider, you can switch between output voltages without relying on digital volume control or having analog volume control components in the signal path. This precision ensures optimal performance and compatibility with your audio system.

Impact+: Elevate Your Bass Experience

For those who crave a bit more low-end in their music, the WANDLA GoldenSound Edition's Impact+ feature is a game-changer. Unlike a basic bass-shelf, Impact+ uses a customized two-band EQ to not only elevate the bass but also add punch and dynamic impact to your music. It's the perfect way to enhance the listening experience without sacrificing the overall balance of your sound.

No MQA: Pure, Unadulterated Sound

In a bold move, the WANDLA GoldenSound Edition has foregone MQA processing, ensuring that your music remains in its purest PCM form unless you choose to enable one of the sound tuning features. This decision maximizes the processing power of the WANDLA's SERCE module for the DSP functions, providing a seamless and uncompromised listening experience.

Embrace the GoldenSound Experience

The Ferrum WANDLA GoldenSound Edition DAC is a testament to the pursuit of audio perfection. With its elevated digital headroom, unique spatial enhancement, and thoughtful features like Tube Mode, Hardware Voltage Adjustment, and Impact+, this DAC is designed to elevate your listening experience. Whether you're an audiophile seeking the ultimate sound quality or a music enthusiast looking for a richer, more immersive experience, the WANDLA GoldenSound Edition is sure to impress.