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Focal Clear Balanced XLR Cable

Replacement cable for the original Focal Clear Headphones with balanced XLR connector. Cable length is 3 meters.

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Genuine Focal brand cable. The black and white color matches the original Focal Clear, but cable may be used with other Focal headphones besides Utopia.


  • Balanced XLR connector
  • Dual 3.5mm mono headphone connectors
  • 3m length
  • 125g weight
  • About Focal

    Focal headphones have focused on optimizing the dynamic driver, using their vast knowledge to create radical designs, pushing far beyond the old boundaries.  The result is incredibly resolving headphones with powerful, lifelike snap and energy.  Focal ‘s headphone models are efficient, working well with a variety of amplifiers, and their transparency showcases every component in the system.