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iBasso DC06PRO USB DAC/Amp

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A new Hi-Res USB DAC/Amp with dual ES9219C chip, 3.5mm SE & 4.4mm balanced headphone outputs and amp dedicated power supply.

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The Implementation of Dual DACs Moves Forward - Harnessing the Full Potential of the Dual ES9219C

The DC06PRO has made significant advancements in the utilization of the ES9219C DAC chips thanks to thorough research, development, rigorous testing, and attentive listening sessions. Despite utilizing more expensive components, we have managed to maintain an exceptionally affordable price without making any compromises. Through the implementation of dual DAC chips, we have achieved a remarkable increase in power output relative to its compact size, while simultaneously minimizing the noise floor. The power consumption of the new generation ESS DAC has an excellent ratio to the power output. And the sound quality remains uncompromised, providing a rich and authentic audio experience that can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

The AMP Section Utilizes Its Own Dedicated Power Supply - Low Noise Charge Pump, Synchronous DC-DC Converter, and LDO

In an exhilarating improvement, the DC06PRO incorporates advanced technology to create a separate power supply for the AMP section. This includes a synchronous DC-DC converter, a low noise charge pump chip, and an LDO. These implementations enable the AMP section to operate at its maximum capacity without any interference from the digital section. This enhances the dynamics, bass impact, and overall transparency of the sound.

FPGQ + NDK Femtosecond Oscillator

The DC06PRO utilizes our in-house developed FPHA algorithm. Achieving an impressively low jitter is made possible through the utilization of the NDK femtosecond oscillator, resulting in minimal distortion and a notable enhancement in the quality of the musical sound.

MQA 16x Hardware MQA Rendering

The DC06PRO has hardware for rendering of MQA. For the process, software unfolds 2 times and the on-board hardware of the DAC unfolds a further 9 times. iBasso software is certified, which means you can plug and play to decode and enjoy your MQA files to their full potential.

CNC Aluminum Case with Tempered Hardened Glass Panels

High-grade aluminum alloy is used for the CNC milling of the DC06PRO case. An open volume control feature implements a number of complex steps during CNC. The results are both extremely functional and visually appealing. The overall result of the tempered hardened glass panels is both aesthetic and quality enhancing in combination with the precise CNC case machining.

A Great UAC Companion App with Practical Features Are Already in Place

The iBasso UAC App has been fully upgraded to work with the DC06PRO, which provides:
-100 Steps of Hardware Volume
-2 Options for Digital Filters
-20 Step L/R Balance
-On/Off Power Saver

Detachable Cable - A Number of Cables Can Be Used

The DC06PRO utilizes a USB-C input and can be used with a number of cable types. A USB-A to USB-C cable converter is also provided allowing for use with most Android devices. A Lightning cable can also be used with the DC06PRO.


DAC Chipset
Dual ES9219C QUAD DAC+ Chips

up to 32bit/384kHz

Native DSD64, DSD128, DSD256



Output 4.4mm Balance / 3.5mm Single Ended

0.00035% (600Ω load) 0.0005% (32Ω load) / 0.00056% (600Ω load) 0.0007% (32Ω load)

Output Voltage
3.2Vrms (32Ω load) 4Vrms (300Ω load) / 2Vrms (32Ω load)

123dBA / 120dBA

Frequency Response
20Hz~40kHz -0.5dB / 20Hz~40kHz -0.5dB

Output Impedance
<0.5Ω / <0.3Ω