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iFi Audio Pro iCAN Signature Tube + Solid State Headphone Amp

The Pro iCAN Signature is iFi Audio's new flagship analogue headphone amplifier and stereo preamp.

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Knows no fear

The Pro iCAN Signature is the all new upgraded edition of the original Pro iCAN. The Signature edition builds on the strengths of the Pro iCAN and features even more ultra-grade audiophile components designed to take your listening to a higher plane than ever before. It is a top-of-the-line headphone amplifier that is capable of driving anything and everything from the most sensitive custom iEMs to the AKG K-1000, the most difficult to drive headphone ever made.

Amp it up to ultra

Enhancements to the Pro iCAN Signature include:

  • Revised circuit design incorporates even more ultra-grade audiophile components
  • Upgraded power supply circuits to eradicate even more noise and distortion
  • Top of the range iPower Elite offboard AC/DC power supply included
  • Hand-selected and matched tubes in the output stage
  • 4.4mm Balanced-headphone output
  • New aluminum remote control
Beautifully balanced Pro power

The Pro iCAN Signature sports an end-to-end fully differential balanced circuit design that delivers ultra low distortion. This means extraordinary quality with minimal interference and reduced crosstalk. The sound is cleaner, deeper and more dynamic. It is also exceptionally powerful and will drive any headphone on the planet. It boasts balanced output power of >14,000mW and single-ended power output of >4,800mW, plus with variable gain, you can adjust the Pro iCAN Signature to drive your headphone of choice.

To tube or not to tube…?

Or to Tube+? That is the question.

With the Pro iCAN Signature you can enjoy the sound of solid-state or tubes in one single package. For some of your recordings, and depending on whether you are listening through headphones or speakers, you may prefer the ‘lively’ feel of solid-state or for others, the more ‘luxurious’ feel of Tube or Tube+. The choice is yours at the flick of a switch in real time.

Signature by name…

Just like the original, it boasts XBass and 3D Holographic settings so that you can calibrate sound to fit your system and personal taste.

  • XBass analogue ‘bass boost’ that enhances the low frequencies without muddying the mid-range.
  • 3D Holographic for Headphones undoes the negative sonic impact of listening to recordings that were originally created for loudspeakers.
  • 3D Holographic for Loudspeaker Systems corrects the spatial distortion and restores the natural soundstage.

The Pro iCAN Signature wouldn’t be the same without iFi Audio's signature sonic tweaks.

Get connected

The Pro iCAN Signature boasts a plethora of fully balanced and single-ended connections. Headphone connections include the new 4.4mm Balanced output as well as a fully balanced XLR, a single-ended 6.3mm and unique S-Balanced 3.5mm output. The S-Balanced output cuts distortion by 50% with single-ended headphones connections.

Power is everything.

The Pro iCAN Signature, ships with iFi Audio's flagship iPOWER Elite. Coupled with the re-crafted power supply board which is up to 300% quieter, the music is buttery smooth. Within and without – no stone was left unturned in the quest for the cleanest, purest, power for the Pro iCAN Signature (same for Pro iDSD Signature too!)

What's Included

• iFi Audio Pro iCan Signature

• iPower Elite AC adapter with attached DC output cord and AC power cord (3-prong IEC)

• Remote Control

• RCA Stereo Interconnects

• 12 month factory warranty registration card

Input / Output

• Dual 3pin XLR Balanced Input

• Unbalanced RCA Input x3

• Dual 3pin XLR Balanced Output

• DC Power Loop-out

• ESL-Link: Output socket

• Headphone outputs: XLR 3-pin balanced separate left and right sockets, balanced stereo XLR 4-pin, 6.3mm SE stereo positive phase, 6.3mm SE stereo inverted phase , BAL 4.4mm with built-in IEMatch -18dB, SE 3.5mm with built-in IEMatch -14dB

The Specs

• Frequency Response: 0.5Hz to 500kHz(-3dB)

• THD & N (Balanced): Solid-State 0.0015%, Tube 0.002%, Tube+ 0.012%

• THD & N (Single-Ended): Solid-State 0.005%, Tube 0.005%, Tube+ 0.2%

• Gain: User-selectable: 0dB, 9dB and 18dB (headphone section)

• Dynamic range: 119dBA (solid-state, PCM, -60dBFS)

• Output power 4.4mm (@16Ω, balanced/single-ended): 14,000mW /4800mW

• Output voltage (600Ω, balanced/single-ended): 23V / 11.5V

• Input voltage (Pro iDSD): DC 9V/6.7A – 18V/3.35A

• Power Consumption (No Signal) ~22W idle (Max Signal) ~50W

• Dimensions: (W)6.2" x (D)3.9" x (H)1.4" Weight: 4.3 lbs


About iFi Audio

iFi audio is an award winning audio tech company with one aim in mind – to improve your music enjoyment. They create products that improve sound quality and eradicate noise, distortion and hiss from your Headphones, Speakers, Portable audio devices and Phones allowing you hear studio-quality audio as your favorite artists intended.