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iFi Audio

iFi Audio xCAN Bluetooth Portable Amp

The iFi Audio xCAN simply makes your music sound better, whether you are listening via earbuds at home, or chilling with tunes on the go.

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Wicked wiring

Using a high-end DAP that has an adequate on-board DAC but lacks power? Happy with your existing source but need more juice? Just add the xCAN to drive bigger and better headphones and boost your tunes. Connect via analog 2.5/3.5 connection. iFi’s exclusive S-Balanced technology means that you gain the advantages of a balanced connection even when using an unbalanced one. On headphones this means lower distortion, less interference, and less crosstalk. It also enables you to take advantage of the growing number of balanced sources, such as high-end DAPs.

The xCAN is a dual-mono headphone amplifier with 1000mW of power per channel. It will happily drive your favorite headphones. As a bonus, iFi Audio included their signature sonic extras as well. 3D+® opens up your music to give you the spaciousness of a live-concert atmosphere. The XBass Ⅱ® bass correction system corrects headphone/speaker bass response to deliver a more natural sound to the midrange frequencies.

Clever. Curvy.

The xCAN delivers CD-quality Bluetooth via AAC, aptX and aptX LL with added iFi magic. Stream wirelessly from your smartphone or do Bluetooth from your TV to the xCAN. No need for wires. Just plug your headphones into the xCAN at your side. Give soundtracks extra energy or add oomph to your gaming! Hear the whoosh of an arrow or the full throttle of an F1 car in all their glory.

Additionally, each of the above is on the iFi digital platform where each section is distinct. They have QC5100 for reception > Global Master Clock for jitter > Burr-Brown for DAC conversion. It might be more effort but that’s why Gryphon's wireless gives wired a run for its money.

Wired to the nines

The xCAN smart battery provides up to 18 hours of playback time (analog) or 12 hours (Bluetooth) depending on your choice of headphones. That’s one very long train journey! Last but not least, check out the curvy chassis and lush LEDs. The xCAN is one lovely lady.

What's Included

• iFi xCAN Bluetooth Headphone Amp

• Cloth bag

• 3.5mm male to male SE interconnect

• 2.5mm male to male balanced interconnect

• USB Type-C male to USB Type-A male

• iFi Audio xCAN manual

• iFi warranty card

Input / Output

• Wireless Input: Bluetooth 44.1/48k 16-Bit (AAC, aptX, aptX LL and SBC)

• Wired (analog input): 3.5mm single-ended (TRS) and 2.5mm balanced (TRRS)

• Headphone Outs: 2.5mm balanced & 3.5mm SE

Compatible Operating Systems

• Android via USB OTG cable with iOS & Mac via Apple Lightning to USB

The Specs

• Chipset: ESS Sabre

• Power Output (Balanced/SE): @32Ohm - 5.7V, 1000 mW & @600Ohm - 7.6V, 90mW / @32 Ohm - 3.5V, 380mW & @300Ohm - 3.8V,45 mW

• Output Impedance: < 2Ω

• SNR (Balanced/SE): 120dB(A) @7.6V / 121dB(A) @3.8V

• THD+N (Balanced/SE): < 0.006% (@ 360 mW/2.4V 16 Ohm) / < 0.005% (@ 100 mW/1.26V 16 Ohm)

• Gain: -95dB to +18dB adjustable in 114 1dB steps (using volume control)

• Playback Time: 18 hours (analogue), 12 hours (Bluetooth)

• Dimensions: 3.4"(L) x 2.64"(W) x .75"(H)

• Weight: 127g


About iFi Audio

iFi audio is an award winning audio tech company with one aim in mind – to improve your music enjoyment. They create products that improve sound quality and eradicate noise, distortion and hiss from your Headphones, Speakers, Portable audio devices and Phones allowing you hear studio-quality audio as your favorite artists intended.