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Noble Audio

Noble Audio Ronin IEM

Coming Soon to HeadAmp - Noble Audio Ronin!

The Ronin has excellent bass response without bloat, sublime mids and resolving but not fatiguing highs that bring out nuanced details in music that will lead you to listen to all of your favorite music tracks again and again.

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Flagship Level Sound

The Noble Ronin is the long awaited successor of Noble's multi-award winning Katana all-balanced-armature in-ear-monitor. While the Katana had 9 balanced armature drivers, the Ronin features 4 Sonion balanced armature drivers for sub-bass and bass frequencies, 4 balanced armature drivers for mid-low and mid-range frequencies, and four electrostatic drivers for high and super-high frequencies.

Precision Construction

The shell of the Ronin is constructed of material developed and manufactured by Noble, which is then cut and shaped using a CNC machine in the same process that Noble's Prestige housings are constructed.

Custom Cable

Specially developed for Noble Audio, the Eletech “Ronin” cable is a limited release developed for Noble Audio’s “Ronin” IEM project. Designed for excellent head space as well as highly resolving mid-range, the Ronin cable is a one-of-a-kind design that’s exclusively built and shipped with the Ronin IEM.
The “Ronin” cable features a 7 core-geometry configuration while integrating triple OCC materials in dual sizing core design. “Ronin” is employed with an Eletech specialty shielding that enhances both high frequencies detail retrieval as well as the cleanliness of the background.
”Ronin” is a unique blend of GP-OCC + OCC Copper as well as a Silver plated OCC hybrid. The Ronin geometry makeup features dual stranding for both material catalyst with thinner strands optimizing high frequencies extensions while a heavier thick strand optimizing lows for a more nuanced and visceral response.
The ”Ronin” cable has also included Eletech's signature shielding net to allow for absolute shielding from EMF and other radio frequencies. This in turn translate to an absolute darkness in the background. Configurations of “Ronin” cable in 4.4mm can further take advantage of the shielding by having it grounded on the 5th pole.

Eletech Specs

  • 26 AWG , 4 Wires
  • Gold Plated OCC + OCC Copper & Silver Plated OCC Copper
  • Dual Stranding Design
  • 7 Interior Core Litz
  • OFC Plated Silver Shielding
  • Eletech Customized connectors and Y-split
  • Individually Enamelled strands
  • FlexiMax Insulation


  • 4x Sonion Balanced Armature Drivers (sub bass/mid bass)
  • 4x Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers (mid/high range)
  • 4x Electrostatic Sonion drivers (high/super high range)



About Noble Audio

Noble Audio are an artisanal, family run, in-ear monitor manufacturer from Texas, USA. Founded in 2013 Noble Audio have been crafting some of the finest universal and custom in-ear monitors available today. Founder Dr. John Moultan is an audiologist by training and an audio enthusiast at heart.

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