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Noble Audio

Noble Audio Spartacus IEM

Coming Soon to HeadAmp - Noble Audio Spartacus!

Redefining the boundaries of sonic excellence utilizing Sonion drivers in a cutting-edge six driver architecture. The Spartacus is designed to provide the most immersive and breathtaking listening experience. Each one crafted is crowned with a unique organic fiber composite faceplate.

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Six Driver Arrangement

1X Sonion Balanced Armature
Ultra High Frequencies

2X Sonion Bone Conductors
Mids and High Frequencies

1X Sonion Balanced Armature
Mid-Bass Frequencies

2X Sonion Balanced Armatures
Bass and Ultra Bass Frequencies


  • Impedance less than 35 ohms
  • Hand-assembled and matched
  • Composite resin body with unique organic fiber composite faceplate
  • Integrated stainless steel wax guard
  • Noble Audio detachable cable with industry standard 2-pin configuration (0.78mm diameter)



About Noble Audio

Noble Audio are an artisanal, family run, in-ear monitor manufacturer from Texas, USA. Founded in 2013 Noble Audio have been crafting some of the finest universal and custom in-ear monitors available today. Founder Dr. John Moultan is an audiologist by training and an audio enthusiast at heart.

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