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Astell&Kern USB-C Dual DAC Cable Available Soon

by Makiah Shenay April 20, 2021

Astell&Kern USB-C Dual DAC Cable Available Soon

As more and more smart phone makers remove headphone jacks from their products a question arises, how do you listen to music on your smart phone with headphone and earphones you already own? Or how do you enjoy high-quality music playback and enjoy games with dynamic realistic sound on your computer without an expensive high-end sound card? To tackle these and other challenges the development team at Astell&Kern set ought to create a product that would provide an easy accessible solution. Years of experience and expertise in audio circuit design have allowed them to create a complex highly integrated circuit chip on a small six layer PCB using micro resistors and tantalum capacitors exclusively created for Astell&Kern. These same components are used AK DAPs to deliver the superb audio performance you've come to expect from Astell&Kern.

Introducing the Astell&Kern USB-C Dual DAC Cable, featuring a custom silver plated copper cable that’s twice as thick vs typical SPC cables and analog amp section with a powerful full 2Vrms output level suitable for high impedance headphones. The USB-C Dual DAC Cable brings the legendary A&K sound to your computers and mobile devices at a reasonable price.


• Full metal housing

• USB-C Termination

• 3.5mm Jack with 3 and 4 pole support

• Android, PC Tablet, Windows and MAC Computer compatibility

• Draws power from playback device, no separate charger needed


• Dual Cirrus Logic CS43198

• Output Level of up to 2Vrms

• PCM sampling frequency up to 32-bit 384kHz

• DSD sampling up to DSD 256

• Silver-Plated Copper around a center core made of Technora Aramid Fiber

• Reinforced to withstand up to 200N of tensile force

• Twice as thick as typical silver-plated wire (.3 vs .1~.15)

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