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Focal Radiance x Bentley Motors Headphone

by Justin Wilson October 18, 2020

Focal Radiance x Bentley Motors Headphone

Focal and Bentley Motors have collaborated on a new closed-back headphone to be called the Focal Radiance and priced at $1,290 USD. The Radiance is actually thanks to an automotive partnership between Naim and Bentley. If you haven't configured a new Bentley recently, premium audio systems by Naim are available. (Focal and Naim share the same ownership).

The Radiance has been described as a warmer version of the Focal Elegia with higher quality materials and the plush leather pads of the Focal Stellia. Comparisons to both Focal headphones are expected. Given Focal's quality and attention to detail, we don't expect this luxury collaboration to disappoint. Ultimately, what will matter to most is the sound, and we're still waiting to receive our shipment. See our Focal Radiance page for the latest ordering and stock status.


Focal Radiance Specifications

  • 40mm full-range speaker driver with aluminium/magnesium “M” shaped dome
  • Closed-back high-fidelity headphones
  • Headphones share Naim Mu-so sonic signature
  • Earcups finished in Pittard’s leather
  • Includes bespoke woven copper & black carry case
  • Full grain leather on headband, earcup and cushions
  • Solid aluminium yoke
  • Made in France
  • Carry case dimensions: 25 x 24 x 12 cm
  • Packaged in a soft-touch Focal for Bentley box

The Headphone Show has spent some time with the Radiance and posted a video of their impressions. Watch it below. A full review will follow soon.



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