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RAAL PDT-1A Tube Amp Revealed

by Makiah Shenay September 30, 2021

RAAL PDT-1A Tube Amp Revealed

RAAL presented an all new vacuum tube amplifier at CanJam SoCal this year built specific for Planar-Magnetic and dynamic headphones. No word on price just yet but here are some specs straight from Danny McKinney!

Input and Output

• 1 pair stereo RCA Input

• 220K ohm Input Impedance

• 1 1/4" single ended headphone out

• 1 single ended 4-pin XLR headphone out

• IEC C13 input socket

The Specs


• 1 pair 6N6P Input and Driver Tubes

• 1 single 6AS7 Power Tube


• Frequency Response: 10-100kHz (-3dB)

• THD: <1%

• S/N: 80dB

• Headphone Power: 250mW @ 50ohm / 180mW @ 600ohm

• AC Heaters with center-tap for low noise


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