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Abyss Headphones

Abyss AB-1266 Leather Headband

Newly designed leather headband for the Abyss AB-1266 family of headphones.

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Stretch rings are now user replaceable. Do not stretch rings more than 3", additionally if installed correctly the ABYSS logo should read normally from left to right. This iteration of the AB-1266 headband features:

  • Extended width
  • French leathers
  • Embossed Abyss logo
  • About Abyss Headphones

    Abyss hand-builds reference grade headphones in Buffalo, New York using planar magnetic drivers. The parts for Abyss Headphones are machined, finished, and assembled locally, for the utmost in quality control. The patent-pending planar magnetic drivers are known for their powerful dynamics and low-level detail for an effortless, spacious presentation.