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Abyss Headphones

Abyss Diana MR Planar Magnetic Headphones

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Updated: Oct-30-2023

New ABYSS DIANA MR headphones are designed to connect audiophile and head-fi aficionados with professional audio mixing and mastering engineers. The team at ABYSS developed this highly universal full-range planar headphone with ultra low distortion, near flat frequency response, and smooth addictive clarity to sound.

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Brand New Model

The Diana MR is an all-new model from the makers of some of the world's finest planar magnetic headphones. The Diana MR will feature a lower impedance than other Diana models, making it easier to drive even with portable audio players. See the product announcment on the Abyss YouTube page.

Great Sound No Matter the Source

DIANA® MR maximizes listening enjoyment with any level of electronics, from a simple USB dongle through high-end tube and solid state headphone amplifiers, this headphone has a universal sound character that sounds amazing with them all. Its low impedance works well with portable battery operated gear and desktop electronics, extracting amazing resolution out of low voltage power sources while still sounding lush in the bass. This patented newly designed MR planar driver exhibits a flat frequency and phase response with a full natural sound through the bass and midrange, excellent vocals, and an extended high frequency range that's smooth, clear, and true to the source yet never harsh or brash. With MR you'll hear crazy low level details into the recordings without fatigue, glare, or sibilance. We've instilled the best attributes of high-performance headphones into this one model. The sound is just to die for, effortless and easy. This latest ABYSS Diana MR headphone will fit your head, ears, and brain like it was custom made just for you!


Over Ear, Open-Back

63mm Planar Magnetic

In-house CNCed aircraft grade aluminum

Ear Cups
High-tech polymer ceramic finish with custom in-lays of carbon fiber or exotic wood


30 ohms

91 dB/mW

Frequency Response
10 Hz - 30 KHz


Diana MR in Case


About Abyss Headphones

Abyss hand-builds reference grade headphones in Buffalo, New York using planar magnetic drivers. The parts for Abyss Headphones are machined, finished, and assembled locally, for the utmost in quality control. The patent-pending planar magnetic drivers are known for their powerful dynamics and low-level detail for an effortless, spacious presentation.