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ALO Audio

ALO Audio Pilot II DAC | USB-C to 4.4mm

Building on the success of their original powerful portable USB DAC, ALO announces Pilot II, which comes packed with enhanced features and specifications to elevate the audio experience.

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Portable Balanced

ALO Pilot II allows you to take advantage of balanced sound on the go. Connect to your phone with the USB-C connector (Lightning connector sold separately) and plug your favorite headphones into the balanced 4.4mm headphone connector to hear your music at its best.

Plug-and-Play Hi-Fi

Pilot II's powerful ESS Sabre 9281AC Pro chip supports a full range of high fidelity formats putting the ever expanding universe of high fidelity streaming options all within reach. PCM, DSD, and MQA support.


DAC Chip
ESS Sabre 9281AC Pro



PCM Sampling
Up to 768kHz

DSD Sampling
Up to 22.5MHz



LED Indicator
Blue - Idle or Standard / Red - HD Aduio / Magenta - MQA

Boost Button
Unboosted - 2.2vRms / Boosted - 3.3vRms

OS Compatability
Android, iOS, Windows 10/11, Mac OS

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About ALO Audio

ALO Audio was once known for their line out dock cables (LODs) for Apple iPods and other portable setups. Today their products include portable USB DACs and high-end classic tube amplifiers like the Studio Six.