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HIFIMAN EF600 Balanced Desktop DAC/Amplifier

Designed for use as a DAC, or independent headphone amplifier, the EF600 features an industrial design that is not only aesthetically appealing, it also serves as a headphone stand, reducing desktop clutter. Included are fully balanced input/output connections, high-resolution Bluetooth connectivity, an independent power supply and a thermal optimized tower case.

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HIFIMAN's Vision

“The EF600 has the power and advanced technology to stand out from a field that too often relies on off-the-shelf technologies instead of incorporating technologies that are truly unique to the category,” says Dr. Fang Bian, President and CEO, HIFIMAN Electronics. “The Hymalaya Pro DAC module alone represents a giant leap forward from DACs that were considered state-of-the-art only a few short years ago.”

Hymalaya Pro

HIFIMAN’s Hymalaya Pro consists of an array of highly accurate resistors that use a “ladder” method of conversion. This approach converts the digital signal with maximum accuracy and overall musicality. Signal-to-noise ratio, total harmonic distortion, and energy consumption are at their musical and efficient best. Hymalaya Pro supports the common PCM signal transmitted by the most common IIS (Integrated Interface of Sound) audio interface, with a maximum 24Bit

The EF600 includes two Hymalaya Pro modules for unsurpassed sonic output, especially when compared to the more commonplace PCM1704k module. The Hymalaya Pro, with the added support of a new algorithm and 0.01% precision resistors, reaches a THD (total harmonic distortion) rate of -60dB 0.2%. In plain English, distortion is reduced to a previously unheard of low with no audible distractions.

Bluetooth connectivity is achieved with an upgraded design that supports multiple codecs, including LDAC, delivering lossless sound reproduction for audiophile-level sonics. An array of RCA and XLR inputs allows the EF600 to be used as a high-performance headphone amplifier that is fully compatible with most CD and SACD players, thanks to its balanced output.

The front panel includes two outputs – 6.35mm single-ended and XLR four-pin balanced – in addition to a four-level function switch and volume control. The rear input panel includes jacks for RCA, USB-B, and USB-C source connectors, in addition to dual (L/R) XLR three-pin full balanced line outputs.

Signal-to-noise ratio is measured at 118dB (weighted), channel separation is 131+/-3dB, and
THD+N (line out) is 0.0014% (-8dB).

Maximum power output is robust at 5.12 wpc @32Ω balanced/1.8 wpc @32Ω unbalanced,
giving the EF600 the power to drive the majority of low-efficiency planar headphones, including
HIFIMAN Electronics’ flagship model, Susvara.


• Coaxial, USB-C & USB-B male digital inputs

• XLR balanced and RCA analogue inputs

1/4" single-ended headphone and XLR 4-pin balanced out

• 4-level Function Switch: High Gain NOS, High Gain OS, Low Gain OS, Low Gain NOS

• Dual 3-pin XLR line level balanced output & single-ended RCA line level output


• Signal-to-noise Ratio: 118+/-3dB (A Weighted)

• THD+N (Line Out): THD+N (line out) is 0.0014% (-8dB)

• Channel Separation: 131+/-3dB

• Maximum Power Output: 5.12 wpc @32Ω balanced/1.8 wpc @32Ω unbalanced

• Dimensions: 104mm/4” x 135mm/5 1/4” (top), 104mm/4” x 165mm/6 1/2” (bottom) ; 283mm/11”(height)

• Weight: ~6.8lbs




HIFIMAN is a world leader in planar magnetic and electrostatic headphones. They have a knack for hitting the sweet spot in crystal clear sound and value with headphones like the Sundara and Arya.