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HIFIMAN Jade II Electrostatic Amplifier

The Jade II from HIFIMAN provides a surprisingly punchy bass response for an electrostatic sound, coupled with HIFIMAN’s signature midrange warmth. The high end is well controlled and never overbearing, making this a pleasant, relaxing listen.

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“Classic electrostatic performance at a real world price”

Our Take

High end detail is brought to the fore, offering a view into the music free of any veiling glare, producing pinpoint imaging. The Jade II is a technologically superior electrostatic headphone that can be purchased alone or as part of a full system with the Jade II amplifier. The Jade II epitomizes electrostatic speed and performance.

Return of JADE!

When HIFIMAN introduced its first electrostatic headphone, Jade, in 2008, it quickly became a favorite of audiophiles and music lovers who fell in love with its natural expansive sound field.

Today, HIFIMAN introduced Jade II, a worthy successor to the original that benefits from many years of research and development. The new Jade II builds upon the reputation of the original classic with improved sonics. Reaching from the deepest lows all the way up to 90KHZ, HIFIMAN's oval-shaped earcups provide the maximum diaphragm size for deep, resonant bass response. Coupling near zero distortion with lighting fast response and an expanded more intimately enveloping soundstage, Jade II places the listening in the best seat in the house!

What's Included

HIFIMAN Jade II Solid State Energizer

• Power Cable

• HIFIMAN Solid State Energizer product booklet

Amp Specs

• Dual 3pin XLR Balanced Input

• Single Ended RCA Stereo Input

• Dimensions: (L)10.9" x (W)10.6" x (H)4.6"

• Weight: ~14.3lbs

Jade II



HIFIMAN is a world leader in planar magnetic and electrostatic headphones. They have a knack for hitting the sweet spot in crystal clear sound and value with headphones like the Sundara and Arya.