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iBasso PB5 Osprey Portable DAC/Amp

Portable DAC/Amp with 4.4mm Balanced input and 4.4mm Balanced and 3.5mm Single-ended outputs. Perfect for use with iBasso DX320 Max TI.

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Dual Nutube 6P1 Vacuum Tubes

Manufactured by KORG and Noritake, the 6th Gen Nutube operates exactly as a conventional triode vacuum tube and creates the same characteristic rich overtones that are sought after in triode tubes. At the same time, Nutube achieves substantial power savings, miniaturization, and quality improvements when compared with many conventional vacuum tubes. Voltage amplification is achieved with the Nutube, which results in a captivating and distinctive vacuum tube sound, all while maintaining exceptional linearity.

Unprecedented Six Batteries Form an Efficient Pure Power Supply

The PB5 utilizes 6 batteries to establish a robust power supply system. The Nutubes are powered by two batteries while the other 4 batteries function as the power supply for the secondary amplifier. With our efficient and pure power supply, you will experience very immersive and crystal-clear sound.

24 Position, 4 Section Stepped Attenuator

Extremely diminutive 24 position, 4 section stepped attenuator. Optimal analog volume control enhances the ability to showcase the distinct analog characteristics of our vacuum tube amplifier. Channel imbalance is within a range of less than +/-0.1dB. When adjusting the volume, the noise floor is simultaneously attenuated.

Excellent Power Delivery - 1700mW+1700mW@32ohm Driving Power

With the 6-battery power supply and transistor current amplifier, the PB5 delivers up to 1700mW+1700mW@32ohm.

Two-Step Suspension and Cathode Input To Minimize Microphonics and Interference

The two-step suspension absorbs vibration mechanically and minimizes microphonic effect. The cathode input reduces the impedance, resulting in reduced signal interference from external sources.

Cutting Edge Parts To Present the Ultimate Analog Sound

- 24 position 4 section stepped attenuator with a channel tolerance of less than +/-0.1dB.
- Texas Instruments classic OPAMP OPA827, known for its exceptional performance and rich analog characteristics.
- Low VCEsat (BISS) dual transistors with a high output current of up to 2 amps.
- iBasso custom film capacitors contribute to the natural analog magic.

A Tube AMP For The MAX Users

The PB5 can use a line input voltage of up to 2.5 volts. If higher than this, the sound will have distortion. If you are using the DX220MAX, DX300MAX, or DX320MAX's line out with the PB5, please do not use the highest gain setting.

PB5 Osprey with DX320Max