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iFi Audio

iFi Audio iCAN Phantom Premium Headphone Amplifier

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The iCAN Phantom is the Rolls-Royce of headphone amplifiers. It exudes exemplary build quality, sophisticated technology, an unrivaled specification and remarkable versatility, expertly engineered to drive every headphone type to its full sonic potential.

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• The ultimate analogue headphone amp from world-leading ‘head-fi’ manufacturer iFi Audio

• Also performs as a high-end stereo preamplifier to connect to a power amp and speakers

• PureWavePRO fully differential balanced circuit design delivers ultra-low distortion

• Two discrete input stages - switch between solid state and GE5670 vacuum tubes in real time

• Remarkable power - up to 15,000mW to drive the toughest headphone loads with ease

• Delivers 14V in single-ended mode and 27V in balanced mode

• Adjustable gain and load impedance plus IEMatch output attenuation to suit all headphone/IEM types

• Pro iESL energizer technology with six voltage settings for electrostatic headphones

• Capacitive battery power supply eliminates mains-borne noise from the audio signal

• Multi-level XSpace and XBassII analogue processing modes for headphones and speakers

• Exemplary build quality, comprehensive connectivity and informative color display


• Source inputs: 1x balanced XLR (L/R); 3x RCA (L/R)

• Headphone outputs: 1x 3-pin balanced XLR (L/R); 1x 4-pin balanced XLR; 1x 4.4mm balanced; 1x 6.3mm (positive phase); 1x 6.3mm (inverted phase); 1x 3.5mm

• Electrostatic headphone outputs: 1x 5-pin normal bias; 1x 5-pin customs bias

• Preamplifier outputs; 1x balanced XLR (L/R); 1x RCA (L/R)


• iCAN Phantom

• iPower Elite

• RCA Cable

• Infrared Remote Control

• User Manual

• Instruction Card

• 12-month factory warranty


• Output Power, BAL: >15,000mW @ 16Ω | UnBAL: >5,760mW @ 16Ω

• Output Voltage, BAL: >27.0V @ 600Ω | UnBAL: >14.0V @ 600Ω

• ESL Output Voltage, Pro: 640V RMS max | Normal: 320V RMS max

• Input Voltage, Phantom: DC 12V/4A or 15V/3A

• Input Voltage, iPower Elite: AC 85 – 265V, 50/60Hz

• Power consumption: 27W idle, 75W ax.

The Amp Specs

• THD+N: Solid-state / Tube / Tube + * BAL: ≤0.0015% / ≤0.002% / ≤0.012% * UnBAL: ≤0.007% / ≤0.006% / ≤0.2%

• SNR: BAL: <145dB(A) | UnBAL: <130dB(A)

• Gain: 0dB, 9dB and 18dB user-selectable

• Frequency Response: 0.5Hz to 500kHz (-3dB)

• Dimensions: 256 x 185 x 120mm (10.1” x 7.3” x 4.7”)

• Net weight: 4.17kg (9.2lbs)

iFi Phantom Tubes


About iFi Audio

iFi audio is an award winning audio tech company with one aim in mind – to improve your music enjoyment. They create products that improve sound quality and eradicate noise, distortion and hiss from your Headphones, Speakers, Portable audio devices and Phones allowing you hear studio-quality audio as your favorite artists intended.