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Kimber Kable

Kimber Kable HERO Analog RCA Interconnect Cables (Pair)

The HERO series offers a very nice analog cable with Kimber build quality and guarantee, at a very reasonable price. An ideal pairing for our Gilmore Lite mk2 amplifier.

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Made up of four 19AWG conductors insulated with virgin FEP dielectric. The HERO’s four wire quadratic braid provides wide bandwidth and noise reduction without the use of shielding. balance between low capacitance and low to moderate series induction make HERO an ideal solution for low-level signals i.e interconnects.

This RCA HERO cable comes with Ultraplate Black connectors as shown. The cables are priced per pair. Please inquire if additional customization needed.

About Kimber Kable

Ray Kimber was one of the first to truly master the high-end cable. Kimber's AXIOS headphone cables are the most gorgeous, flexible, and detailed sounding that money can buy.