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Kimber Kable Axios Copper USB Cable

The Kimber AXIOS USB cables show all the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and precision that one would expect from the world’s best cables. The hand-made cables are built to the highest standard, and are backed by a full satisfaction guarantee.

Made with the USB connector types of your choice.

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”I designed the AXIOS USB to be everything I wanted in a USB 2.0 format. A data pair independently shielded from the power lines. Wrapped dielectric on the data line for superior concentricity on the data pair for stable impedance. Low dielectric constant for high propagation velocity/low delay. Eight wire braided DC power line (18AWG aggregate for each leg) for low voltage drop and high immunity to noise (low series induction/high parallel capacitance on the 5v DC) The shield is circumferentially bonded to the connector shell via mechanical crimp and silver doped epoxy for low RF impedance to ground for effective shielding performance. For myself however, the components that make up my reference grade listening setups go beyond technical specifications and extend into ceremony. I seek to imbue every item I design with a sense of purpose beyond merely the functional. Meeting the requirements for a functional USB 2.0 is very simple. Creating a USB cable with purpose that extends beyond the utilitarian task is a challenge. As an artist, engineer, craftsman and musician I worked to incorporate each of these characters into the AXIOS USB.

I hope you enjoy this hand crafted cable as much as I do.”

- Nathan Allen, designer

About Kimber Kable

Ray Kimber was one of the first to truly master the high-end cable. Kimber's AXIOS headphone cables are the most gorgeous, flexible, and detailed sounding that money can buy.