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Meze 109 Pro Primal Special Edition Dynamic Open-Back Headphones

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A special edition of Meze's popular 109 Pro dynamic headphones, with hand-carved ear cups, chiselled groove by groove and delicately sanded, before having a coat of linseed oil applied

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Updated Look on a Modern Classic

Born from the legacy of the original 109 Pro, Primal is an exploration of organic shapes and forms that tell a story of unwavering dedication, artistry, and craftsmanship.

Taking Inspiration from Nature

As locals of Maramures region, our philosophy of life is intertwined with the secular forests that surround us, and we are taught to appreciate and respect this craft from the youngest age. With Primal, we took up this deep-rooted skill and shaped it into a new perspective on headphone design.

Handcrafted Precision

Each wooden frame has been meticulously chiseled, groove by groove, and delicately sanded to ensure the smoothest feel. Linseed oil is then applied to grace the sculpted frames. This final touch infuses the wood with a natural, matte texture that accentuates its grain and restore its innate, captivating color.

The 109 Primal is a testament to our dedication to quality craftsmanship, offering an audio experience that marries natural beauty and timeless elegance, all in the palm of your hand.

Celebrated Beginnings

A cherished addition to our Art Gallery collection, Primal is a special edition of our 109 Pro, recently celebrated as the Headphone of the Year 2023/2024 by the EISA committee.

What's in the Box

• Meze 109 Pro Primal Edition

• Case: Hard EVA pouch

• One, 1.5m soft TPE cable with a 3.5mm jack

• One, 3m soft TPE cable with a 3.5mm jack

• One, 3.5mm to 6.3mm gold-plated jack adapter

• Two year warranty period

Technical Specs

• Driver Type: Dual-Composite Diaphragm with W-shaped dome

• Transducer Size: 50mm

• Frequency Response: 5Hz - 30KHz

• Impedance: 40 Ω

• Earcups: Walnut Wood

• Headphone termination: 3.5mm TRS jack

• Sensitivity: 112dB SPI at 1KHz, 1mW

• Weight: 375 gr (13 oz) without cables

109 Pro Primal


About Meze Audio

Antonio Meze and his company have taken the headphone world by storm with their flagship Empyrean, one of the most anticipated headphones in years, and their walnut 99 Classic series are appreciated even by casual listeners.