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Mytek Liberty THX AAA™ Headphone Amp

Mytek's Liberty THX AAA™ Headphone Amplifier provides ultra precision sound with almost unmeasurable distortion from the most demanding headphones.

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Our Take

Liberty THX Headphone Amplifier has been designed under the license of THX Corporation. It uses the THX highest performance THX AAA 888 circuit which THX defines it as “World’s Most Linear Amplifier Technology,” it’s outstanding sound and other features make Liberty HPA the perfect reference tool for music listening and production!


• Crossfeed/Mono function for speaker & radio compatibility

• Automatic gain sensitivity - adjusts for sensitive In Ear Monitors

• Robust performance in small portable 1/3 rack package

• Built in oversized 60W linear toroid Dual Mono Power Supply

• INPUTS: 3xRCA Stereo Pair, 1 3pin XLR&1/4” Pair Balanced

• Headphone Outs: XLR 4pin, 4.4mm, 1/4” and 3.5mm

• Single Ended RCA Stereo Preamp Out

• 2 Year Warranty

Technical Specs

Frequency Response
20Hz to 20kHz

Headphone Output
Up to 6W


147 dBA Weighted

Volume Control
Premium 27mm analog ALPS attenuator

Dimensions (including connectors)
(w)5.5" x (D)8.8" x (H)1.74”

4 lbs



About Mytek

Mytek began building consumer-oriented DACs in 2011, and now boasts a full line of home hi-fi products named for New York boroughs and landmarks, like the flagship Empire Streamer DAC, and new all-in-one Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core. Mytek designs their DACs to a strictly neutral reference, such that the signal on the recording is passed through as accurately as possible to the downstream equipment.