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HeadAmp Pico Slim Portable Headphone Amplifier

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The Pico Slim is HeadAmp's smallest amplifier, at a mere 9.4mm thick!  Inside it holds finely tuned audio circuitry, including a unique 255-step volume control, and a powerful battery capable of 60 hours of playback time. The chassis is milled from solid aluminum, giving this tiny amplifier a robust build that's made to travel.

The Pico Slim is designed to be an ideal companion to in-ear monitors and efficient low-impedance headphones, by using a special technology to maintain perfect channel matching even at very low listening levels.  The Pico Slim's advanced circuitry handles complex multi-driver, multi-crossover in-ear monitors with ease, and maintains a jet-black background for relaxed listening.

The Pico Slim includes a USB charger, and a protective leather amplifier case.

Our Take

With the Pico Slim, HeadAmp offers a unique portable amplifier, specifically to improve your portable listening experience with high-efficiency headphones. While many portable devices, phones, and computers, may put out adequate volume for such headphones, they often do so with noisy circuitry an low-quality volume controls that can leave one channel louder than the other.

The Pico Slim solves these problems and more, keeping tight control of headphone drivers for accurate sound while maintaining perfect balance throughout the volume range.  Combine these attributes with the super-low-noise circuit, and you have an elevated listening experience that can travel anywhere thanks to diminutive size and ample battery power.  With convenient USB charging to boot, the Pico Slim is an ideal travel companion for the in-ear monitor or portable headphone enthusiast.

About HeadAmp

HeadAmp builds some of the world's best headphone amplifiers like our famous Blue Hawaii SE or our new compact GS-X mini. All of our solid state amps start with new-old-stock Japanese sand which are irreplaceable for discrete solid state designs.