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RAAL-requisite PDT-1a Tube Headphone Amplifier

RAAL-requisite’s all new standalone headphone amp the PDT-1a features a dedicated OTL circuit design built for traditional non-electrostatic headphones. This top of the line amp delivers uncompromising performance for planar magnetic and dynamic headphones.

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A great listen, every listen, with all that you'd expect form RAAL-requisite!

6N6P Driver Tubes and a 6AS7 Power Tube
Frequency Response: 10Hz-100kHz -3db
THD: <1%
S/N: 80dB
Power: 245mW @50ohms / 180mW @600ohms
With Center Tap AC Heaters for low noise


About RAAL-requisite

RAAL-requisite represents two legendary brands in ultra high-end audio, coming together, to create a sound unlike anything the world has ever heard before.