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Sennheiser CH800S Balanced XLR Headphone Cable for HD800, HD800S

High-end cable for HD 800 series for use with balanced headphone amplifiers
4-pin XLR connector

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The balanced connection cable for HD 800 and HD 800S.

High-quality materials such as oxygen-free copper and gold-plated contacts ensure the highest sound quality.

Silver coating of the strains minimizes resistance for sound transmission.

Gold-plated contacts

Developed, designed and manufactured in Germany

Technical Data

Cable length 3m
Weight 130g
Connection 4pole XLR / 2 ODU Connectors

About Sennheiser

You can't go wrong with any Sennheiser product, from the classic HD 660S to the detailed HD 800S. Sennheiser's headphones are known for quality, comfort, and a sound signature that can please any taste.