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Spirit Torino

Spirit Torino Pulsar Aluminum

Ships to you from Turin, Italy.

Spirit Pulsar is an open-back dynamic headphone, powered by a powerful Twin Pulse isobaric motor, which is equipped with the prestigious Spirit Revolver. Pulsar combines technology and selected materials all for a single purpose: the reproduction of music! Pair this headphone with an outstanding amplifier like our GS-X Mini to hear it at its best!

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Pulsar is a combination of technology and hand selected materials, both of which are at the service of music.

The Technology of Spirit Torino

The two drive revolvers, with their exceptional weight / power ratio, are each generated by 13 powerful neodymium magnets. These magnets are arranged in such a way which concentrates all the magnetic flux on the moving coil, enabling them to control the patented isobaric motor unit, so that every small detail is brought up to the threshold of audibility. As a result, it is necessary to select amplifiers that offer an absolutely pitch black background.

An aluminum frame, treated with anti-reflective and anti-resonant treatment (using Dynamat Xtreme), preserves transient details even at high volumes. The cable is composed of twin wiring, which consists of 16 strands of silver copper wires per side, which were soldered directly onto the driver. This cable preserves musicality and guarantees an effective signal transmission.

Comfort is exceptional, even at high temperatures, thanks to the wide distribution of the weight on the head. Additionally, Spirit Torino has introduced the most advanced pad system in existence. Their “Ventilation Pad System Evo” uses Alcantara, Texalium, and Leather. They feature a complex structure that includes an acoustic labyrinth, pressure relief for the ears, and an ear height register. This technology proves to be one of the most refined and efficient systems ever designed for a headphone. It is able to eliminate the feeling of having a headphone on your head at all, allowing you to simply enjoy the music all around you.

Tuned Like a Musical Instrument

When you listen to Spirit Torino headphones, you will immediately realize one thing: the naturalness of the sound. Many classical and jazz musicians collaborate in the development of Spirit Torino headphones to compare real sound with their binaural recordings. A listening committee made up of Spirit technicians, musicians, and audiences periodically carry out direct comparisons during musical events. These events are promoted by Spirit, to ensure that you are listening to a product that is dedicated to just music, and not the result of market research.

A Project in Continuous Evolution

At Spirit Torino, they think of the customer as a gentleman driver, who is cruising down his own road towards musical refinement. By offering our customers an upgrade service, this guarantees them the preservation of their investment, as they continue on their musical journeys. The continuous dialogue between the company and customers has allowed them to introduce significant upgrades, such as the brand new and advanced Ventilation Pad System (VPS for short) EVO ventilation system of the hybrid earpads.

What's in the Box

• 1x Pulsar Aluminum Hi-Fi Open Back Headphone

Technical Specs

HEADPHONE TYPE: Open circumaural

TECHNOLOGY: Spirit Revolver




FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 18Hz - 35.000kHz calibrated on isophonic curves

PAD: Leather/Alcantara/Texalium + Ventilation Pad System EVO

WEIGHT: 550 gr

Pulsar Aluminum


About Spirit Torino

Spirit Torino's Italian designs are a marriage of retro styling and the modern comfort of Dekoni ear pads. HeadAmp is the exclusive North American online retailer of Spirit and the anticipated Valkyria Titanium open-back headphone.