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Spirit Torino

Spirit Torino Twin Pulse 1706

Ships to you from Turin, Italy.

The Twin Pulse offers playback linearity calibrated on isophonic Fletcher-Munson curves (of equal sensitivity to the human ear) and can therefore be used as a reference tool to verify the timbre reliability of a recording. Twin Pulse doesn’t interpret sound but reproduces it faithfully, so it will be essential to select the components of the audio chain to make the most of its transparency and dynamics. Pair this headphone with an outstanding amplifier like our GS-X Mini to hear it at its best!

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For the first time the dual drive isobaric technique is applied to a full size headphone to obtain a motor unit with an exceptional performance package in terms of acceleration and drive motion control during the sound transient. This Twin Pulse isobaric system patented by Andrea Ricci opens up a new scenario in headphone playback.

Torino 1706 Edition

The Torino 1706 version represents a design and historical re-enactment operation that starts from the ancient map of Turin Citadel under the French siege in the year 1706. The defensive geometries that take shape on the surfaces of this headphone make this version unique. Andrea Ricci has extended the experimentation to exclusive materials such as ostrich leather or laser engraving on curved surfaces, obtaining a result which is particularly appreciated by collectors.

An Exceptional Soloist

When Andrea Ricci designed the first Twin Pulse unit, he had only one goal in mind: to build the best dynamic headphone in the world and to do so, he had to face the biggest limit of a dynamic headphone: the speed in transients. Everything in this headphone is refined to maximize this aspect, so even the cables can’t be replaced because they are part of a delicate balance.

The Twin Pulse has character and demands the most from the other links in the audio chain. To date we haven’t been able to exploit the full potential of this project because every time we raise the bar, experimenting with a new solution, the Twin Pulse amazes us with an improvement well beyond our expectations.

The Must-Have Headphone for those who Love Live Recordings!

The naturalness with which a Twin Pulse can handle music reproduction at realistic volume levels is disarming, so much so that our customers are encouraged to experiment with direct interfacing with small monotriode amplifications designed to drive loudspeakers, with impressive results.

Outstanding Fun

A listening session with the Twin Pulse never leaves one indifferent, its natural inclination to rhythm involves the listener making him or her soon clap stomp away with the music. The Twin Pulse prefers a passionate approach to music, accompanying the user on an overwhelming musical journey.

A Project in Continuous Evolution

At Spirit Torino they think of the customer as a gentleman driver followed in his musical refinement path, offering an upgrade service that guarantees our customers the preservation of their investment. The continuous dialogue between the company and customers has allowed us to introduce significant upgrades, such as the Alcantara (R) pad and the VPS (Ventilation Pad System) that opens to a responsible My-Fi, making an advanced design, for the first time, fully exploitable even by non-professional users.

What's in the Box

• 1x Twin-Pulse Hi-Fi Open Back Headphone

• 1x 2.2 m fixed welded silver cable

Technical Specs

HEADPHONE TYPE: Open circumaural

TECHNOLOGY: Twin Pulse isobaric System



FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 24-28.000 hz calibrated on isophonic curves

PAD: Leather/Alcantara + Ventilation Pad System

WEIGTH (without cable): 540 gr

twin pulse


About Spirit Torino

Spirit Torino's Italian designs are a marriage of retro styling and the modern comfort of Dekoni ear pads. HeadAmp is the exclusive North American online retailer of Spirit and the anticipated Valkyria Titanium open-back headphone.