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Yamaha YH5000SE (Pre-Owned)

Yamaha's flagship YH-5000SE headphones combine advanced technologies to create the highest quality realism in music. With the latest technologies, the historic Orthodynamic® driver was reimagined, and the finest materials and craftmanship are utilized to deliver the pure essence of sound that Yamaha stands for. For those seeking the absolute pinnacle of True Sound in headphones, the solution is here.

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Yamaha products and expertise are unparalleled in the world. We are extensively involved with all-things music - from the moment the artist creates a sound to the moment it reaches the listener's ears - and we are intimately aware of the thought and emotion the artist intended for their music. From the detailed breathy vocals and subtle performance nuances of the artists, the energetic dynamism without the slightest bit of distortion, and the spatial expression that fully conveys the enthusiasm of a packed concert venue, we deliver a musical experience that makes you feel as if you can reach out and touch the artist.


Yamaha's original Orthodynamic® headphones captivated audiophiles in the 1970s, beginning with the famed HP-1. Taking advantage of the latest technology, we’ve redesigned this driver, which encompasses a thin film diaphragm with metal coil patterning. To eliminate any degradation in sound quality, we’ve implemented various innovative measures. These include eliminating the fixed central structure of conventional headphone drivers, ensuring shape retention by use of concentric circle corrugation and pattern reinforcement, and avoiding magnetic substances in the vicinity. All of these enable an authentic sound that is easy on the ears and yet ultra-responsive.


The large housing that comfortably envelops the ear has ample internal acoustic volume and features an open-back design for perfect airflow. This reduces the adverse effects on the thin film diaphragm, and prevents sound reflections inside the rear cavity, helping eliminate undesirable resonance. Additionally, we’ve adopted a newly developed, Japanese-made, rolled plain Dutch weave stainless steel filter to control internal pressure in the housing. It includes an arch-shaped protrusion arranged inside the housing which functions as a reflector. These features allowed us to achieve exceptionally realistic reproduction of both instruments and vocals, and properly control those sounds throughout their initial attack and final decay.


The specially developed thin-film diaphragm is the result of relentless prototyping, meticulous measurements, and rigorous analysis. It is manufactured by etching the voice coil with a unique pattern on both sides of the film and applying minute corrugation. The result is significant weight reduction compared to a conventional dynamic driver, providing outstanding responsiveness that brings out all the subtle nuances and delicate ambiance in the music. Moreover, highly permeable, micro-perforation air dampers are arranged on both sides to ensure the diaphragm motion can be accurately controlled for sound reproduction that doesn’t degrade the vibrant dynamism of the music. In addition, the rounded shape devoid of any fixed points other than the outer circumference maintains uninhibited movement of the entire film, enabling exceptionally full, yet clear low-frequency expression.


To regulate and maintain optimum pressure inside the housings, a newly developed, Japanese-made, rolled plain Dutch weave stainless steel filter was integrated to the housing. Produced under strict air permeability control, this filter enables smooth air discharge and is the key element in creating the sound field expression we aspired to for the YH-5000SE. As a result, it achieves both a remarkable level of density and openness at all critical dynamics in the sound.


A comfortable fit is absolutely essential, especially during long and immersive listening sessions. To help, the YH-5000SE includes two different types of earpads. A leather version has sheepskin positioned at the front of skin contact, offering moderate moisture absorption and odor protection. By combining highly flexible perforated synthetic leather on the outer periphery with well-ventilated mesh on the inner circumference, it also achieves both a finely contoured sound image and a clear sound field. The suede version utilizes Toray Ultrasuede®, a luxurious yet highly functional non-woven material with a suede texture. It allows you to enjoy an even longer immersive experience-providing a supple enveloping fit, as well as superbly soft, warm sound.


The YH-5000SE features two, detachable, high-quality cables for giving true audiophiles flexibility with their source and connection type. A specially designed 3.5 mm, 3-pole plug unbalanced cable and a 4.4 mm five-pole plug balanced cable. The core of the cable is comprised of silver-coated OFC cable, resulting in clear midrange and high-frequencies and expressive lows. Through precise braiding, any parallel alignment of independent signals is rejected so that all audio is transmitted with the highest purity, enabling accurate sonic and spatial expansiveness.


The housing frame is comprised of magnesium, which has the highest vibration-damping rate among practical metals. It is lightweight with outstanding rigidity. The result is a lightweight body of 11.3 ounces (320 grams), making it comfortable and unobtrusive even when listening over extended periods of time.


The arm of the headband is made of stainless steel and utilizes lateral pressure that even further reduces burden on the ears. This provides maximum comfort during prolonged use. The comfortably thick head pad utilizes three-dimensional sewing and fits flexibly on the head while smoothly dispersing surface pressure. In addition, the stepless slider allows you to finely adjust the band for custom comfort.


To eliminate bias in localization from air leakage and ensure ample volume in the low range, it is crucial that the headphone housing fits snugly into the space behind the ear. The YH-5000SE smoothly stabilizes surface pressure by tilting the rotation axis of the swivel and provides a degree of vertical mobility. The snug and comfortable fit to the ears and head delivers an incredible listening experience.


Featuring a pure, dignified design where all non-essential aspects have been designed out, these headphones echo the dynamism and vibrant exuberance of the "life" found in various music. We employed a triaxial mesh material used in aerospace applications to protect the open-back housing, giving it not only a high-quality texture, but a beautiful design as well.


From the manufacturing of the driver to the careful completion of the entire assembly, the production of the YH-5000SE requires extremely high technical capabilities and precision. For this reason, we chose to produce this exclusive model at our Kakegawa factory, which handles our flagship models of grand pianos and audio components. Subject to the strictest quality control measures, each unit is carefully assembled by skilled craftsmen. Only those that have passed rigorous inspections are finally shipped.


-HEP-5000LE and HEP-5000SU Earpads
-HUC-SC020 and CBC-SC020 Cables
-HST-5000 Headphone Stand


Frequency Response: 5 - 70 kHZ
Sensitivity (SPL): 98 dB/mW at 1kHz
Weight: 11.3oz
Impedance: 34 ohms at 1 kHz