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Just Announced - Meze Empyrean II Planar Magnetic Headphones

by Timothy Burns November 08, 2023

Just Announced - Meze Empyrean II Planar Magnetic Headphones

Meze Audio announces the second generation of their best-selling planar magnetic headphones with the Empyrean II

New Listening Experience

With Empyrean II, ingenious new tuning methods have allowed Meze Audio’s specialists to further refine the exceptional Isodynamic Hybrid Array Driver design from Rinaro Isodynamics, delivering a step-change performance.

Rinaro coil

Empyrean II continues the innovation of Rinaro's Isodynamic Hybrid Array Driver

The goal was to enhance the headphones’ ability to reproduce fine details and achieve a more neutral sound signature, all the while preserving the original's “easy to listen to” character. While pursuing this goal, Meze's team revealed new possibilities in terms of resolution and detail retrieval, achieving a cleaner and more accurate representation of audio.

New Ways to Customize Your Sound

Empryean II is designed to be customized with ease. Five connector options allow you to plug into whatever source you want. Meze also has innovated the use of different earpads to find the sound that's perfect for you. Rinaro’s Isomagnetic® coupling technology makes switching earpads a breeze and the Empyrean II comes with two sets of earpads - Angled Alcantara and the all-new Duo.

angled alcantara and duo

The all-new Duo pad is included along with Angled Alcantara

Angled Alcantara debuted on the Meze Elite and gathered a following for use on the original Empyrean due to its airier sound signature, with cleaner bass and improved presence in the mid-range frequency. Duo is a half-leather, half-Alcantara pad designed especially for the Empyrean II, delivering a harmonious tonal balance that resonates across all music genres.

New Details

Empyrean II’s aluminum frame is crafted with precision via CNC milling, with a sleek black matte finish and a redesigned grill that draws inspiration from the bold and timeless art deco patterns. In the center of the all-black frame, a silver accent sets Empyrean II apart.

Meze Empyrean 2 New Look

Empyrean II's distinctive grill and silver accent compliment its refined sound.

The superior comfort of the original Empyrean returns. Empyrean II features purpose-built ovoid earcups and a patent-pending suspension wings system, giving you hours of listening with no discomfort.

First Listen

Lucky for you, Meze has announced their new flagship headphone just days before Capital Audiofest 2023 in Frederick, MD. We'll have a demo model for you to try out, so visit us to hear the new Empyrean II driven to it's ultimate potential by our world-class headphone amplifiers. For best results, pair with a fully balanced amplifier like our compact yet powerful HeadAmp GS-X mini. We'll also have our upcoming HeadAmp CFA3 amplifier, which has been specifically designed for dynamic and planar headphones like Empyrean II. This pairing just might be an end-game system!

Check out what else we have in store for Capital Audiofest this weekend.

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